Tickets Bar, five years of gastronomic spectacle

On the cusp of celebrating five years since opening its doors, the famous Tickets Bar, one of the younger siblings of the stunning El Bulli restaurant, is still receiving awards and recognition. Only a seven-minute walk from one of our buildings of luxury apartments and suites, the Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites, we soon arrive – and booking is a must – at this amazing establishment brought to life by the Adrià brothers and the Iglesias brothers, architects of the Rías de Galicia seafood restaurant.

Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-Entrada Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-Retrato

My curiosity and admiration for the gastronomy of the Adrià world inspired me to reserve a table, quite some time ago, in order to savor and discover at first hand what is cooking – literally – at Tickets Bar. And, of course, I left the restaurant more than satisfied.

The restaurant is reminiscent of the many theaters to be found on the Avenida del Paralelo, an area renowned for the theaters and music halls which once prospered there. Known as the Broadway of Barcelona, it is now recovering day by day its prestige and commitment to the performing arts.

As if a masterpiece itself, spectacle is assured with each offering served as a tapa at the Tickets Bar.

Inside, the restaurant is divided into six themed bars with singular names, such as The Garage, The Marx Brothers Cabin, The Star, La Douce, The Broiler and The Mediterranean Zone, as well as the ice cream cart which roams among the surprised diners.

Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-Interior-sala Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-Interior Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-La-Presumida Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-presentación-plato

Each tapa is composed of tiny delights, each one treated like a piece of art and designed to amaze those who know how to appreciate the new flavors and cooking style that Albert Adrià – recently recognized as being the world’s best pastry chef, no more, no less – elaborates with his professional team.

Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-Interior-detalle Tickets-Bar-Restaurante-Barcelona-presentación

An indispensable recommendation and occasion for anyone who stays at one of our Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites luxury apartments, and who, with foresight, has made a booking sufficiently in advance. Because it is truly worth discovering everything on offer from the Adrià imagination.

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