Eatwith and Eric Vökel, a cosmopolitan experience.

Three couples, two chefs, Eatwith and Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites

It may at first seem like a joke, a story or a comedy, but it isn’t. It’s the fusion of 4 elements taking part in a splendid and exclusive event held a few weeks ago at the Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites.

Eric-Vökel-cena-EatWith Eric-Vökel-cena-EatWith-menu Eric-Vökel-cena-EatWith-primer-plato

Eatwith and Eric Vökel, two complementary and cosmopolitan concepts which come together to create a meeting between three couples who know how to enjoy life around a table and the most tempting of gastronomic encounters at one of our vacation apartments in Barcelona.


Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites and its welcoming suites in Barcelona and Eatwith, the new restaurant at home concept, are two innovative and fascinating ideas everybody will be talking about in Barcelona, Madrid and around the world.

And it all begins in the Catalan capital…

Eric-Vökel-cena-EatWith-fresas Eric-Vökel-cena-EatWith-invitados-table Eric-Vökel-cena-EatWith-table-detail

Three couples who enjoyed the gastronomic delicacies of two chefs, Alberto and Ella, the essence of Bear on Bike, an initiative which proposes soul food wherever you like.

The atmosphere before dinner in one of our luxury suites in Barcelona promised an evening of surprises. Glasses in hand, our three couples enjoyed an exquisite Rossini Cocktail with cava and strawberries, while Ella and Alberto put the finishing touches to the first course they served: zucchini summer salad in three styles with grilled nectarine, goat’s cheese and sprinkled ham powder. A fresh and colorful proposal prepared with 100% organic ingredients.


An extraordinary dish which delighted the six diners with its texture and the balance between its sweet and sour ingredients came next: crispy salmon skin sus vide with coriander, cool sweet pea purée, toasted macadamias and flowers.

Ricotta and asparagus ravioli with toasted butter, sage and parmesan closed out Bear on Bike‘s savory proposals, a preamble to an authentic sin in the form of a dessert: spicy chocolate ganache with crème fraiche and raspberry coulis.

And let’s not forget the pairing of wines selected with the utmost care! A delicious and unforgettable dining experience for all the participants.


Is there a better way of celebrating the arrival of the holidays than with Eatwith, Bear on Bike and Eric Vökel?

Photography by: Laura Sole Martín

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