Verandah Restaurant, quality Indian food in Copenhagen

I often find certain parallels between the city where I was born—Copenhagen—and my adopted city—Barcelona—which make both of them attractive tourist destinations with great cultural, architectural, historical, and last but not the least, gastronomic value.

Both cities are riding high at the moment—simultaneously at an equilibrium and constant, unstoppable growth—to become truly one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan capitals with exciting new things to offer all the time, including in the restaurant industry.

With the opening of Verandah Restaurant in Copenhagen, the city adds yet another type of international cuisine to its already-respectable roster, turning it into one of the best options for lovers of exotic cuisines—and good quality ones at that.

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The Verandah Restaurant, located in a building from the 1930s near the harbor, delights with its culinary offerings based on Indian cuisine, in a 100% Danish environment that is the result of a strikingly designed area, creating perfect harmony between a traditional concept and the warm minimalism surrounding it.

Its philosophy is founded on seasonal ingredients and contemporary Indian cuisine, a brainchild of the young chef Karam Sethi and Rizana Merchant. The restaurateurs have come up with a simple yet highly appealing concept, rooted in the creation of a specific menu featuring specialties from a specific region of India, which is changed every two months, therefore offering a unique variety that makes it possible for diners to savor the authentic flavors of this Asian country.


The main dining room is a spacious, open-plan area dominated by furniture with a marked Nordic design—functional and comfortable in gray, white, and blue tones. It has been designed as a magnificent lookout point across the city’s harbor, which provides an arresting backdrop through the large windows found on all sides.


It is the perfect place to discover and enjoy a unique experience in one of the most captivating cities in Europe.

Photography: Enok Holsegaard

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