Kinfolk Gatherings, a benchmark culinary initiative.


A year ago, thanks to a team of photographers who stayed at our Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites apartments in Barcelona, we were able to discover first-hand a surprising and exclusive trend — the Kinfolk Gatherings.


The initiative has spread far and wide to satisfy the most curious and alternative minds on the planet. A small group of writers, artists, designers and creative spirits came up with the idea of creating a community known as Kinfolk. Located in Portland, Oregon, they discovered how much can be contributed, discussed and shared around a well-set table. Numerous foodies, photographers, cooks, stylists and other professionals (or non-professionals) in the arts joined the project.


In the same atmosphere, next to other diners, joining around a specific culinary theme, the group undertakes numerous activities and discussions with a common goal: share and hear others’ personal concerns, thoughts and aspirations.

These culinary meetings spawned Kinfolk Magazine, a very high-quality magazine and a real pleasure for the senses. Published quarterly, the magazine takes a lifestyle-neutral stance and explores ways for readers to transform their day-to-day lives by stressing the importance of simplicity, community and friends & family.


The initiative was a big hit and conquered the hearts of Americans and Canadians very quickly. In recent years the concept has been exported to other countries around the world with international editions in Japan, China, South Korea and Russia. Kinfolk collaborates very closely with partners living in various cities around the world, from Cape City to Copenhagen, passing through Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, among others.

Likewise, the exclusive meet-ups known as Kinfolk Gatherings also take place in European and Asian cities with certain regularity, to celebrate the event that many look forward to with excitement. Participants enjoy a very special day in spectacular venues and with the help of partners who take care of organising the event.


In 2014, it was held at the famous Casa La Ricarda, hallmark of rationalist architecture in Barcelona, organised by Openhouse Project. We had the pleasure of attending and enjoying this unforgettable session with creatives and culture influencers who have come to be part of our lives.


Gatherings will shortly be organised in Galway (Ireland), London, Järnäsklubb (Sweden), Sydney, Yamanashi (Japan), Cabeça da Cabra (in the Portuguese Alentejo region), among many other proposals. The Kinfolk motto is “IN PRAISE OF SLOWNESS”. We will no doubt be surprised by the ambience, gastronomy and, of course, the fabulous company.


We can hardly wait to know the next dates for Barcelona and Madrid! We’ll be there for sure!

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Photo credit La Ricarda’s Gathering: Maria Algara Regàs

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