Juanalaloca: Pinchos in the La Latina district

A few years ago, I discovered a pinchos bar in one of Madrids most traditional neighborhoods, La Latina, and the establishment had a catchy name: Juanalaloca.


I first came across this pinchos bar purely by chance, but this time my visit was on purpose. The pinchos and tapas cultures have always caught my attention since discovering them on my first trip to Spain, during one of my exploratory journeys in my adoptive country, specifically in San Sebastiáns historic district.

Located in one of the most popular areas, La Latina is the oldest and most traditional part of Madrid. This appealing bar that cooks up delicious food is located in the square at Puerta de Moros, one of Madrid’s oldest gates, and the Mercado de la Cebada, one of the largest markets in the city.

After a pleasant stroll from my apartment at Eric Vökel Atocha Suites, through narrow streets and open squares, I finally reached Juanalaloca. It was a sunny day, and lunchtime was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sample of the pinchos they serve with the perfect balance of quality and creativity.

juanalaloca-madrid-local juanalaloca-madrid-pinxo-anchoas juanalaloca-madrid-pinxo-filete juanalaloca-madrid-pinxo-trigueros

I had fond memories of the potato omelet with caramelized onion that was carefully cooked and incredibly juicy and tasty, so I decided to order it again. It is probably one of the best I have ever eaten. The tender bull’s tail, served in the form of small medallions accompanied by a sauce and diced potatoes, is spectacular, and the lean pork fillet pie with vegetables and a Pedro Ximénez reduction is also amazing, along with many other items on the menu.


It’s hard to choose at Juanalaloca. The variety of hot and cold dishes is enough to stop anyone in their tracks, and this applies to regular customers as well as diners who are discovering its culinary delights for the first time.

Miniature cuisine for dreaming while awake.

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