Gudy Herder and Eric Vökel, creativity and inspiration in their purest form


Ever since the very beginning of the blogger phenomena –whose concept of communication and lifestyle (finally) finds itself firmly rooted in our day-to-day lives– I have felt particularly drawn towards everything written and expressed over the web.

For this reason, I decided to create the Eric Vökel loves Bloggers space on my bookings website, as a way to exchange ideas and create a certain synergy between those blogs and websites which, in one way or another, captivate and influence us, in order to discover a concept that flows between the philosophy of design, creativity and beauty, a new way of sharing and expressing oneself.

Upon discovering the work of Gudy Herder, the creator of Eclectic Trends and mind behind globally renowned creativity projects, as well as being a true expert in trends and a capable designer of moodboarding, we decided to set up a direct collaboration with her. The aim was to show off her skills to a select group of people with a zest for life, with a desire to learn firsthand from one of the masters of this original and inspiring technique used by some of the biggest designers to give birth to their collections.

Gudy-Herder-Mural-blue-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-Materiales-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-Catálogos-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS

But what is a Mood Board? A Mood Board is a tool that fashion and interior designers use as if it were a large collage, starting with a panel on which they visualize all the ideas that inspire them; these can be made up of photographs, fabric scraps, organic elements, or color and texture samples. It all helps the designers define the collections that will later be produced and released to the public at large.

Gudy-Herder-Mural-pink-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-Detalle-Lenetjuelas-Muudboard-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS

For this reason, we offered her one of our best locations, our very own Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments head office, to give a creative master class in moodboarding, right in our Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites in Barcelona.

In addition to Gudy Herder, we invited eleven participants whose stylistic needs and concepts were diverse: from feathers to fabric, cardboard, color samples and other unique items, which they used to design their perfect Mood Board.

Gudy-Herder-Muudboarding-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-Detalle-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-presentation-muudboards-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-portrait-presentation-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS

And a gathering of such prestige could only be catered by one of the best bio-organic catering companies in the city of Barcelona. That’s why we selected Tribu Woki, creators of the many delights savored by the participants of the creative master class.

Gudy-Herder-Organic-work-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-Service-Catering-Tribu-Woki-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGASGudy-Herder-dinner-propuesta-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGASGudy-Herder-dinner-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS

The very best ingredients, impeccably staged, sustainable and for one time only, went perfectly well with the concept that Gudy Herder had to offer.

The experience was a truly unforgettable one: a day in which creativity and inspiration took center stage.

Gudy-Herder-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS Gudy-Herder-portrait-exterior-en-Eric-Vökel-by-MARIA-ALGARA-REGAS

Photography: Maria Algara Regàs

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