Smart Living – A New Concept of Smart, Economical Homes

A new prefabricated-home concept is revolutionizing the real estate market for detached houses: Smart Living. This project invites users and buyers to enjoy their very own home without a long wait and at a more than reasonable price.

Smartliving-Casa-Modular-exterior Smartliving-Casa-Modular-Interior-exterior

The system of prefab modules made out of concrete, movable partitions and double wooden finishes, can be built in a progressive manner, enabling the owner to live in and experience the house, while discovering the needs and particularities of each one, which gives rise to the possibility of extending the house, when necessary, by connecting more modules until one arrives at the perfect arrangement.

At first, these Smart Living homes can be open-plan, spacious, unobstructed spaces, which can then be converted according to the buyer’s wishes and be shared with the family. The Smart Living team of architects and interior designers connect the new modules and then consult with the users when adding the finishing touches.

Smartliving-Casa-Modular-piscina Smartliving-Casa-Modular-Sistema-construcción Smartliving-Casa-Modular-Sistema-Montage

Smart Living homes have three different finishes: Basic, Plus or Premium, with which to fully equip the home.

An additional advantage, which in many cases is absolutely essential, is that the team that has created this intriguing project builds and installs these homes with surprising speed. They only need two days to stack the requested modules and for a house to be completely installed in the chosen lot.

Each module measures 3 meters high, 6 meters wide and 1.2 meters deep and can be stacked up to three floors high. Preparation, assembly and installation of fittings is carried out in a workshop, and then the modules are transported by truck and crane to the chosen lot.

Smartliving-Casa-Modular Smartliving-Casa-Modular-Interior

The specific characteristics of the modules make Smart Living homes a highly energy efficient design that helps prevent energy loss during the coldest months of the year and excessive heat in the summer.

Discover all the available options for your single family home. You’ll be surprised!

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