Pia Ulin, the intimate photographer

Few photographers are able to conceive objects,atmospheres, faces or landscapes the way Swedish photographer Pia Ulin does. In her wonderful studio in New York City, where she now lives, she creates many of her most renowned atmospheres and still lifes.

As tireless as she is talented, this Scandinavian artist shares her view through the lens of a camera, masterfully transmitting her unique perspective of everything she brings into focus.

The well-known phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” could easily define all of Pia Ulin‘s photographs; from her works on interior design, lifestyle and travels, to her more personal and intimate portfolio, she always conveys a certain naturalness alongside her creative spirit.

As a result of the versatility she surprises us with in every project, it’s impossible to categorize or describe her personal signature and style with just one word.

eric_vokel_pia_ulin_13 eric_vokel_pia_ulin_12
Her nostalgic side touches and captivates: contrasting images, interplays of lights and shadows, chiaroscuros and an exquisite visual decadence.

Her more Nordic facet passes on her spirit and essence: stemming from her roots, it is full of light and a glorification of the color white—the great protagonist—, as well as the minimalist tone that characterizes her place of origin.

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The many journeys she has taken, always in the company of her camera, are an invitation to discover vibrant and breathtaking places and faces. Nothing evades her lens and passionate outlook—which explains why the best travel magazines publish each and every one of her photo essays.
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She has worked alongside the great stylist and close friend Lotta Agaton, a highly skilled decoration and interior design professional, on many occasions. When they work together, they make a sublime creative tandem that never fails to surprise.

Among her clients, some of the biggest and most demanding: West Elm, Ikea, H&M Home, Anthropologie, Nokia, Absolut Vodka, Linum… and, of course, the very best magazines: Elle Decoration, Condé Nast Traveller, Martha Stewart Living, Travel + Leisure

Photography: Pia Ulin here

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