A Restoration that Respects the Essence of Victorian Architecture

Victorian Architecture, one of the construction styles developed in the mid-nineteenth century during the reign of Victoria I of England, is one of my greatest passions.   I enjoy it in person – preferably – or on the Internet. The complexity of its constructions influenced by English Gothic architecture continues to fascinate me after years in the profession.


True works of art can be found in the United Kingdom, its former colonies, and in the United States, principally in the design of single-family homes. Cities such as London, Boston, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Glasgow, and Melbourne, to name but a few, have wonderful buildings in this characteristic style.

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Today, I want to show you a renovated Victorian house located in Australia which is especially fascinating because of the alterations carried out by the Architecture and Interior Design Studio of Robson Rak Architects. They have achieved a perfect combination of the preservation of the structural elements typical of Victorian architecture, in harmony with a contemporary design, new materials, and decorative solutions that are both modern and fashionable.

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The entrance of the house preserves the classic structural details in ceilings and mouldings, and leads to a bright space built as an independent pavilion where we find a spectacular kitchen which opens onto a living room flooded with light, entering through the large windows in the outer walls.

arquitectura-victoriana-room arquitectura-victoriana-room-contra

In another area of the house, where the bedrooms and main bathroom are located, the typical elements of Victorian architecture are again preserved: the coffered ceilings, the bay window, and a wonderful period fireplace, convert the main bedroom into an elegant and singular space, in perfect contrast with the modern furnishings and the smooth lines of the fittings.   Next to the bedroom there is a study which is a nod to the décor of the time thanks to the flower-print wallpaper, in contrast with the structure of the work table and shelves built from natural wood.


The complete Project is a welcome surprise, with its respect for tradition which harmonizes with the contemporary statements made by the studio in charge of the refurbishment.

A true architectural gem.

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