The New York experience in a historical Ibizan house.

I have, on many occasions, confessed to being a great admirer of one of the most internationally prestigious magazines, in this case the national edition: AD Spain.

At the moment, we are taking a fresh look at an extraordinary dwelling, a peculiar and thoroughly unique Ibizan house, photographed by our own dear Belén Imaz, and designed in great professional style by renowned long-time collaborator, Patricia Ketelsen. Together these are two of the country’s best experts within their respective fields.

casa-ibicenca-exterior-cactus casa-ibicenca-exterior

This more than 400 year-old building has turned into its very own love story for two New Yorkers and one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean: Ibiza. This typically Ibizan house, whose structure is culturally protected, is the permanent home of its owners, who decided to leave the Big Apple behind and settle down on the Northern side of the island, living almost like hermits in this idyllic setting surrounded by the native flora, almond trees, olive groves and cacti.

The Ibizan house, which clings to its original structure and peculiarities, is extremely beautiful and highly intriguing thanks to its design based on the most authentic Ibizan style in which tradition forsakes the recently adopted conventions of luxurious grand villas that seem to breathe an air more Indonesian than the very Mediterranean that surrounds them.

casa-ibicenca-salon casa-ibicenca-zona-descanso casa-ibicenca-zona-escritorio

In the main part of this Ibizan house we discover the living room, a combination kitchen-dining room, three bedrooms and a bathroom, while the second part of the house offers two guest bedrooms. All the spaces are adorned with surprising singularity and personality, a mix of a more sophisticated urban spirit combined with pieces with a more rustic and traditional essence.


Certainly this is a transcendental way of living, surrounded by eclectic furniture and organically-inspired elements amidst centuries-old walls that whisper silently, instilling the space with invaluable peace and serenity.

Seen in: AD España

Photography: Belén Imaz

Design: Patricia Ketelsen

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