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The Ultimate Event

When I first came to Barcelona, I discovered that there was an inextricable link between the city—its culture, architecture, food and people—and me, which would become an unbreakable bond that would push me to carry out a vibrant and engaging project in my life and career, leading to the creation of Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments.

A few years later, and after the opening of new buildings of designer apartments and suites in Madrid and Amsterdam—and soon in Hamburg—, I want to share my new and most personal project to date: Eric & Friends.


I brought Eric & Friends to life with the aim of bringing some of my interests closer to the general public and guests who, like me, take great delight in creativity and trends, sharing a passion for design, music, food and architecture.

It is an itinerant event that will be held at Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments in different cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam and Madrid, in a unique and welcoming environment—an incomparable setting to share and enjoy enriching and unforgettable experiences.

Our first Eric & Friends event will be held in Barcelona this October 19, at Eric Vökel Gran Vía Suites, a completely renovated modernist building that has a splendid and spacious hall with an exit to the outside. It will serve as the perfect venue to get this event off the ground, where creativity will be the driving force behind this amazing event.

Designers such as cartoonist, commercial artist and illustrator @FLAVITABANANA from Barcelona, Mexican artist @ITSALIVING residing in New York, and the large-scale project @36DAYSOFTYPE will all be part of the first-ever Eric & Friends event in Barcelona, together with @CHAMO_SAN and @PARTEEDESIGN, as our Design Friends.


Don’t miss the best food ideas from Barcelona’s hottest healthy flexitarian restaurant @FLAXANDKALE, Chef Ivan Surinder’s Indian restaurant @TANDOORBARCELONA, @MIQUELANTOJA and @BORJALOPEZZ, renowned chefs who will dazzle us with their mouthwatering creations.

For music, we invite you to listen to @ANIMICMUSIC, the musical alternative that will serve as this remarkable event’s grand finale.

Talks, debates, live music, cuisine, art, trends and exhibits as food for the most restless souls.

Our Eric & Friends events will always be held on our premises and will always be open to the public that requests to take part in them—free entry with limited slots available depending on each venue’s capacity.

Enjoy our first-ever Eric & Friends event in Barcelona this October 19. We hope to see you in February 2018 at Eric & Friends Amsterdam and in April 2018 in Madrid.

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