The Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments experience at Secrets des Coquettes

When a celebrated blogger such as Sara Sabaté, from Secrets des Coquettes, visits one of our luxury Barcelona or Madrid apartments and writes us up in her blog, we feel particularly proud, and with ever more passion to forge ahead with this ambitious project that will soon see a new building opened up, this time in Amsterdam.


After a period living in Paris and London, Sara Sabaté is once again back on her home turf, Madrid, presenting us with a small guide to her favorite spots in the city—in which we were included. She says, this is “the town where I grew up, where I first started to experience true freedom going out with my friends on Saturday evenings, where I caught the metro at 8 on summer mornings to stroll around downtown with my grandfather as he pointed out the sights, the old Madrid that he knew so well. It’s where I fell in love for the first time, where I discovered the majesty of this capital city with its avenues and historic buildings, and where for the first time I felt what it means to be part of something bigger…”


Among the novel shopping ideas, enchanting restaurants and specialty beauty shops, she invites her readers to spend a night and discover our designer suites, where you’ll feel right at home: completely-outfitted luxury apartments that are both cozy and perfectly located. Sandra, who has had the opportunity to enjoy the Barcelona Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments on two satisfactory occasions, has shared this with all the readers of her wonderful blog, Secrets des Coquettes.


With a recommendation like hers, how could you resist discovering the Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments for yourself?

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