The Paddington Project, CM Studio’s new Open House

We’ve crossed half the world, all the way to Australia, to discover an intriguing project created by CM Studio, an architecture studio based in Sydney. We touched down in the city to discover more about The Paddington Project, an idea of Christopher Glanville and Megan Burns, the studio’s architects and founders.

The-Paddington-Project-House The-Paddington-Project-kitchen-table The-Paddington-Project-kitchen The-Paddington-Project-Marble-kitchen The-Paddington-Project-tree-kitchen

CM Studio’s philosophy and style rests upon creating elegant, livable spaces that stem from a concept of beauty that is at once simple and minimalistic, attaining warm, comfortable rooms from what seem to be opposing criteria. The studio has had the novel idea of having a second Open House, after the resounding success of its first open house, The Cross Street Project, in which everything was for sale, both to visitors and from the on-line shop, which was created to make it easier for those unable to attend to access the furniture and accessories inside.

With The Paddington Project, a renovated, contemporary dwelling is on display, one whose sophisticated atmosphere permeates the wonderfully luminous setting. The use of textures and materials provides the perfect dose of exquisiteness so representative of the architecture and design the studio normally creates.

The-Paddington-Project-Sleeping-Room The-Paddington-Project-detail-Room The-Paddington-Project-Distribution-Stairs The-Paddington-Project-Bath-Room The-Paddington-Project-stairs-Room

Marble, wood, contemporary furniture and other subtleties in full color pour over a pure white canvas, in harmony yet standing out to give rise to a simple, minimal, yet particularly warm space.

Alongside their regular collaborators, Doctor Cooper Studio, a floral arts workshop, Living Edge, a contemporary furniture company that furnished The Paddington Project, and artwork by Sebastian Goldspink, creator of Alaska Projects, this Australian architecture firm has notched another success with their Open House concept.

The-Paddington-Project-Salon-Chair The-Paddington-Project-Door The-Paddington-Project-Exterior

Photography: Caroline McCredie


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    This is such an amazing apartment and yes I love Paddington area so much. I enjoyed seeing the silhouettes of the apartment, so sleek and make thevery space rather two dimensional. Minimal style meets natural elements to sum it up correctly.

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