Quincoces-Dragó & Partners: style and elegance in Rome

In a city like Rome, which oozes history from every square inch of its cobblestoned streets, the Quincoces-Dragó & Partners architecture studio has directed the interior design of a classic building, fusing it with refined elegance and contemporary philosophy, in perfect harmony with the essence of the Italian capital.


Under the exquisite leadership of David López Quincoces, a young and talented interior designer from Madrid, born in 1980 and established in Milan since 2005, we discover this apartment where he has worked with the soft and sophisticated natural lighting which floods the space, balanced with a palette of colors, which are both stylish and refined due to their subtlety and intentional enveloping discretion.

The Quincoces-Dragó & Partners team has designed a warm and comfortable space with marvelous parquet flooring in a herringbone pattern, stylish modern furniture, and original architectural details, such as the rounded arch windows — all essential elements in this exquisite remodel.

Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-salon Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-marble

In the kitchen, designed with refined austerity, it is possible to appreciate the values that Quincoces-Dragó & Partners intended to highlight: the apartment’s sweeping views over the Eternal City. The materials chosen to compose each room have been deftly selected in order to transform each and every corner of the different atmospheres, creating a symphony of contrasts within a highly unique and polished design. This is accompanied by pieces designed by the same architecture and industrial design studio, and furniture curated by the renowned Italian firm Living Divan, founded in 1970 and one of the greatest producers of 100% Italian design, among other decorative features.

Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-officeQuincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-architectureQuincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-room Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-stairs-close Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-stairs Quincoces-Dragó-&-Partners-bathroom

From the first detail until the very last, each element has been closely studied and everything has a purpose, a reason for its inclusion. A truly impeccable interior design that fuses craftsmanship and contemporaneity, the undeniable signature of this young designer who has settled in Italy.

Photography: Alberto Strada 

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