Oficio Studio: leather and bicycles, two entrepreneurs’ dream

Just a few days ago, I visited Madrid to attend Fitur, the International Tourism Fair. Although it is required by my job as a hotel owner, my passion for travel turns it into a truly pleasurable experience.

When my day at the fair had ended, and before returning to my apartment at the Eric Vökel Atocha Suites, I decided to visit one of the ‘coolest’ areas of the capital city, the Triball neighborhood. Located between streets Ballesta, Desengaño, and Corredera de San Pablo, I came across countless shops, traditional eateries and the new temples of high cuisine.

Upon entering one of these, the leather aprons worn by the waiters caught my eye, so I decided to ask where they had come from. The restaurant’s owner explained to me how he had bought the aprons from the online store of Oficio Studio, a wonderful workshop that uses entirely traditional techniques to work its leather, creating pieces with all the charm of something still made by hand.


My curiosity led me to find out a bit more about Oficio Studio, which was created by Melina and David, two young entrepreneurs who happened to meet in the right place at the right time and are bound by a true passion that both share: leather and its uses.

Oficio-Studio-Working-Taller Oficio-Studio-WorkingOficio-Studio-Ventana-Taller Oficio-Studio-Team-Taller Oficio-Studio-Tallas-Cuero Oficio-Studio-Hilos Oficio-Studio-Detalle-Taller Oficio-Studio-Corte Oficio-Studio-Corte-Taller Oficio-Studio-Corte-Pieza-Taller

A chance encounter in David’s bicycle shop would eventually lead to them creating their very first bag, christened with the name Anita. Since then, Melina and David have carved themselves a niche in the market through the products they both design and make, which are based on a thousand year-old tradition and held in high regard by true fans of leather accessories.


Oficio Studio brings together two creative minds and innate talent, reflected in their ability to bring history, personalities, concepts, bicycles and bags together in one unique, very personal space.

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