Octaevo, a stationary store with a Mediterranean essence

As often happens, great ideas come about almost by accident, as was the case with Octaevo, a Mediterranean-inspired brand specializing in the creation of exclusive desktop and home organizational supplies.

OCTAEVO-Atelier Octaevo-map

In an era when we are all more addicted than ever to our smartphones, tablets, and e-books, Marcel Baer, a German graphic designer established in Barcelona, suggests we recover the authentic essence of penmanship, agendas, blank notebooks, and authentic and inimitable stationary supplies.


Looking over photographs, -on paper, of course,- of his father Kurt navigating and working at sea, surrounded by waves, occasionally treacherous waves, and sea breeze, memories of family trips in the 60s awoke in Baer the desire to create Octaevo, which has become his true passion and profession.

In a small workshop located in Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood, one of the most creative areas with the most independent design studios per square meter, Baer offers us his knowledge through pieces of his work that reveal inspiration and authenticity in every sense.

Octaevo-products OCTAVEO-JARRONES Octaevo-PORTRAIT

The products designed by Octaevo are produced with the highest-quality materials possible thanks to the work and collaboration from his craftsman suppliers, and are sold on his web page to all corners of the globe, all through the influence of the Mediterranean, which is so close, both geographically, and artistically, to their creator Marcel Baer.

A thorough selection of original agendas, notebooks, bookmarks, tote bags, and stationary supplies that will never leave us feeling indifferent.


To never forget that writing, what we express on a sheet of paper, will always remain.

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