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In recent years, a true creative revolution has been happening in the independent magazine sector. Magazines such as Kinfolk, Cereal, and Openhouse Magazine have designed an innovative format in which quality trumps quantity and a more market-friendly appearance—without the support of a large publishing house—to nurture a product made by professionals, creative minds and designers who enjoy carefully crafting a highly personal work.


Today, the focus is on Oak The Nordic Journal, a biannual magazine created to spread the Nordic lifestyle using a format midway between a collector’s book and a magazine, with excellent quality journalism and photography, while offering an insightful perspective. It gives us a glimpse of the milieu of the Nordic cultures through articles about art, design, architecture, cuisine, etc.

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Oak The Nordic Journal has a large team of contributors, photographers, and journalists who present—from a highly unorthodox standpoint—different stories, ideas and places from all over the world, through the looking-glass of Scandinavian culture.

The latest edition of Oak The Nordic Journal, volume number 6, published last October, features the lifestyles of different creative minds scattered around the world. Among them, the article on Lina Scheynius, a self-taught, Swedish photographer based in London, focusing on her style, way of working and intimate portraits—which have catapulted her to international recognition—stands out. Hers was a serendipitous discovery by a talent scout who happened to visit her intriguing blog on tumblr.

Oak-The-Nordic-Journal-book Oak-The-Nordic-Journal-project

What’s more, this issue of Oak The Nordic Journal features a geographical journey that brings us from Japan to Bolivia to gather the most interesting figues who have managed to change the world through their brilliant ideas and proposals together in one single edition on print—always from an original, brilliant perspective with an unmistakable style.


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