Muuto, border-hopping Danish design.

When talking Danish design, we cannot possibly leave out Muuto, a firm founded by Kristian Byrge and Peter Bonnen in 2006 just outside Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital.

Diseño-Danés-Muuto-Portrait Diseño-Danés-Muuto-Carpets-general Diseño-Danés-Muuto-Carpets

Since its creation, the Muuto team has made great strides in sharing and communicating the tradition of Scandinavian design beyond its borders, with new, highly original perspectives. In fact, their brand name, inspired by the Finnish word “muutos”, could be translated as “new perspective” or “change.”

The Muuto philosophy is based on the idea that good design begins with people, selecting top Scandinavian contemporary designers, bursting with authentic talent, to whom they offer the possibility and freedom to express their individual stories through objects of daily use.

Diseño-Danés-Muuto-Chairs Diseño-Danés-Muuto-Pink

In the past few years, Danish design has revolutionized the interior design industry and established itself as one of the most prolific and oft-imitated styles. Muuto can claim some responsibility for this, as thanks to its selection of furniture, accessories and objects, the expression of Nordic style has been extended and transmitted around the world, offering a viewpoint at once new and intriguing, yet simple and unique.


Thanks to the work of multiple designers who inhabit the Muuto world, passion through color and shape has taken on real relevance in the world of decorating.

Some try to transform interior decorating through avant-garde designs, others build from personal experience, but in each and every case, passion, quality and well-crafted work are the inarguable characteristics of Danish design.

Diseño-Danés-Textil Diseño-Danés-Muuto-Lighting

From Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments, and in my case in particular, mostly because of shared origins, we vouch for a Nordic style imbued with Mediterranean beauty and character, as can be seen in each and every one of our luxury apartments.

Style and personality that enchants and enthralls.

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