Mestizo Contemporary Store: design with personality in Style in Chueca


When two great talents from the world of decor and interior design such as Luis Puerta and the design studio Madrid in Love come together to create a joint project named Mestizo Contemporary Store, success is assured.


Located in the popular, alternative neighborhood of Chueca, Mestizo Contemporary Store has already become—after its opening two years ago—one of the benchmarks in the capital, thanks to both team’s capacity to strike the right balance between their decorating ideas. They combine items with very different styles, origins, periods and colors, in a space measuring more than 300 square meters with an impressive height of almost five meters, the perfect setting for each element to be shown off to best advantage.

Mestizo-Contemporary-Store-Ambientes-Collage Mestizo-Contemporary-Store-Collage

The sophistication and elegant simplicity of Luis Puerta’s studio is taken to the next level when combined with the originality and contemporary naturalness of Madrid in Love—the brains behind important projects like El Imparcial, Dray Martina and Mistura, one of the interior design studios that is in great demand in the city to design in-house products, large works and exquisite accessories such as tableware, cushions, pots, vases, cutlery and candles, among many others.


If you like the most authentic and eclectic design, Mestizo Contemporary Store will certainly become one of your favorite places—a place to lose yourself in, a pleasure for the senses.

Practical information

Mestizo Contemporary Store

C/ Piamonte 4, Madrid

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Telephone: 91 795 88 99

How to get there:

A pleasant 30-minute stroll through the most splendid and monumental area of Madrid will take you from our building of designer apartments and suites , Eric Vökel Atocha Suites to Mestizo Contemporary Store, through Paseo del Prado.

And if you stay at Eric Vökel Madrid Suites at San Bernardo, 61 right in the Malasaña neighborhood, it’s only a 15-minute walk.

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