Frama: Nordic design, simplicity, and harmony

In one of the Danish capital’s historic neighborhoods—Nyboder, Copenhagen—, we can find the showroom of Frama, one of the most up-and-coming Nordic design furniture and home accessories companies on the scene today.

The former St. Paul Apothek—founded in the 19th century, with spectacular wood panelings, coffered ceilings, and original architectural elements—, provides the perfect backdrop for the collections that Frama presents season after season, which are designed as an eclectic yet seamless mix between past and present, classic and contemporary, analog and digital—a genuine homage to the beauty and functionality of the clean lines that characterize true Nordic style.

frama-copenhagen-yellowtrace frama frama-studio-store-st-paul-apotek-copenhague

Only quality products using robust materials are used in its collections, in keeping with its aesthetic approach which underlines the value of what is simple and authentic as its guiding philosophy, shying away from superfluous ornamentation lacking in substance.

The simplicity and beauty of its furniture, home decor accessories, lighting series, and the striking Apothecary collection are based on the principles of simplicity, which are achieved by mainly using natural materials such as wood, ceramic, steel, marble, glass, and cork. They also transcend apparent shapes and complexities, with honesty and purity shining through the design.


The same unmistakable style also inspires Frama Studio, where the most creative and personal projects are brought to life, from which specific design solutions particularly suited to each environment and each need are developed, starting from the original idea to its successful implementation.

frama-pb-magazine frama-complements frama-90-floor-copper frama-close-up-copper-90 frama-light frama-pb-magasin-room frama frama-aj-otto-railings

Frama reinvents contemporary Danish design through a study of new contexts and influences to imbue the home decor sector with a personality and uniqueness full of warmth and sophistication, as the best showcase of Nordic talent at the highest level.

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