Flowers by Bornay, the Oneiric Revolution in Floral Art

On a small street in the popular neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona, there’s a historic place which—for several decades now—has been part of the collective imagination of the city and flower and plant lovers, and which has now been converted into a highly unique ‘flower shop’: Flowers by Bornay.


This former greenhouse, with a decidedly industrial feel, is the headquarters for this flower shop created by Joan Xapelli, who decided to get Fátima Valldeperas and Marta Vidal on board his project to create the perfect team to be at the helm of a completely innovative concept in the world of flowers and flower arrangements.

The creative process that takes place while inventing, their particular way of understanding flower arranging and their true passion for the world of cinema, science fiction, art, music or dance serve as an endless source of inspiration for their designs, coming up with a style that clearly defines them as unique and in a class of their own.

Among the techniques that best define them is that of painting flowers, in such a way that each composition becomes a genuine work of ephemeral art—on many occasions, a cover letter that has led to working with the best customers.

Flowers-by-Bornay Flowers-by-Bornay-showroom

Aside from designing the most striking floral arrangements for events, weddings and other business premises such as shops and hotels, workshops are held at Flowers by Bornay. They give participants the opportunity to discover techniques used by these creative geniuses in their designs, which have helped them become global benchmarks in the sector. What’s more, it’s also possible to lease the workshop of Flowers by Bornay to organize photo sessions, shoots, fashion shows, product presentations, etc.

By visiting the workshop of Flowers by Bornay, you can enjoy their art, creativity and style in a place that conveys real sensations and vibrant, unforgettable emotions.

Practical information:

Flowers by Bornay

Carrer de Melcior de Palau, 36

08028 Barcelona


How to get there:


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