Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant

Caviar is, most probably, one of the world’s most exquisite and exclusive delicacies, a true delight worthy of the finest of feasts.

From Scandinavia comes Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant, a gourmet shop specializing in the world of caviar, or sturgeon fish roe, of which there are more than 25 varieties. The best in the world comes from the sturgeon fished in the Caspian Sea bordering Azerbaijan, Iran, and Russia, with the finest varieties being Beluga, Ossetra, and Sevruga.


Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant is an initiative promoted by the Finnish company Savu-Kari, exclusively dedicated to offering a wide array of the highest-quality seafood and roe, and with 20 years experience in the sector.

Their first store opened in 1996 in the Finnish city of Lappeenranta, located on the shores of Saimaa, the country’s largest lake.

The new restaurant, located in the capital Helsinki, offers visitors the opportunity to taste the world’s best caviars, along with a wonderful selection of perfectly suited champagne and vodka to fully enjoy this delicacy in a 100% Scandinavian-style setting.

The establishment that houses Finlandia Caviar Shop & Restaurant is decorated according to the strictest Scandinavian style, where functionality, simplicity, and light come together in perfect harmony with the true protagonist of the store and company: caviar.

Finlandia-Caviar-Shop-&-Restaurant Finlandia-Caviar-Shop-&-Restaurant-window Finlandia-Caviar-Shop-&-Restaurant-table

The varieties they suggest we try include the white sturgeon caviar, dark brown in color and recognizable by the small size of its eggs and a distinct flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts; the Russian Ossetra caviar, a mix of green and brown tones among its larger-sized smooth, velvety eggs, accented by a subtle aroma; and the Beluga Kaluga caviar, which comes from the Amur river, having a delightful buttery aroma recalling the seaside, plus many more options.

Finlandia-Caviar-Shop-&-Restaurant-table-services Finlandia-Caviar-Shop-&-Restaurant-interior

And there is nothing better than topping off this unforgettable taste sensation with a plate of oysters and enjoy one the most exquisite gifts the sea has to offer.

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