Our Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments Atocha Accessible, in HomeLifeStyle Magazine

A few months ago, after my endless quest to improve the facilities of Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments, I discovered a need that was going largely unanswered by most luxury hotels and apartments: it is nearly impossible to find quality accommodations for those requiring a specifically custom space. People who want to enjoy the privilege of visiting new places are rather diverse and can often have very different needs. That is why I decided to create a new apartment concept: Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments Atocha Accessible.


After the recent presentation, only a few days ago, one of our favorite web pages for decor, design, fashion, and lifestyle, HomeLifeStyle Magazine, paid a visit to our new Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments Atocha Accessible to write up a full feature article, which was just published.


The HomeLifeStyle Magazine team and Luís Visconti, came to Madrid to get a firsthand look at Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments Atocha Accessible, and as we mentioned, they were wonderfully surprised by the project’s initiative and boldness.

“We’re heading to Madrid to enjoy a fine sunny day and a photo shoot that particularly moves us for its sense of innovation, which makes it easier for people with reduced mobility to access luxury apartments in the heart of the capital”. That is how the apartment was described in the feature article just moments before laying eyes on the wonderful adapted vacation apartments, 500 sq ft free of architectural barriers and completely adapted for wheelchairs or people with reduced mobility. And, of course, located smack in the center of Madrid in Eric Vökel Atocha Suites.

Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-dormitorio Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-dormitorio-cabecero Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-terraza Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-detalle-exterior

María and Esther Algara, creators of HomeLifeStyle Magazine, alongside photographer Luis Visconti, from Noonu Fotografía, took in all the adapted apartment’s original details, both the purely aesthetic as well as the functional, specially designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility and their companions.


The apartment is located on the ground floor, with access from a private parking garage. It comprises two bedrooms, an adapted bathroom, and a fully-equipped adapted kitchen. In addition, there is access to a private terrace with views of the swimming pool. Maximum capacity is 6 people (sofa-bed for 2).

Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-parkingEric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-dormitorio-bn Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-dormitorio-bn-general Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-vestidor

The apartment is a meticulously designed masterpiece whose showcase might just be the bathroom: a wide open space complying with all the fundamental safety requirements to be able to enjoy your stay in Madrid, as well as all the comforts that Eric Vökel has to offer in all our luxury suites.

Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-baño Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-detalle-baño-grifería Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-detalle-baño

After their visit, the HomeLifeStyle Magazine team expressed their admiration for our integration-based project within a 100% Eric Vökel environment.

Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-cocina Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-cocina-muebles Eric-Vökel-Boutique-Apartments-Atocha-Accesible-detalle-comedor

All that’s left is to thank you once again for visiting our new Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments Atocha Accessible.

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