Amsterdam: Essential and Unique Tradition and Vanguard

Open, tolerant, magical, and multicultural – that’s Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe. It is a city that captivates you on your first visit, and as you gradually discover more of its delights – walking down cobbled streets, among extensive canals, bridges and museums, which are home to the most extensive exhibitions of a multitude of artists, among whom are Rembrandt and Van Gogh – the love and admiration you feel for it, everything it conveys and signifies, becomes something indestructible.

This is why I have chosen Amsterdam as the next destination for my new building of luxury suites and apartments, Eric Vökel Amsterdam Suites, which will be opening soon, in August 2016, you can book now!

Located on a quiet street next to the Central Railway Station, and only a few steps away from the city center, I am designing a new building containing 1–3 bedroom designer apartments with views of the IJ river and the city center.



Amsterdam-Eric-Vökel-Room Amsterdam-Eric-Vökel-kitchen

Romantic, historical, and essential, the city combines the architectural wealth of buildings constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries, in a ground-breaking style. Amsterdam has the largest number of monuments and museums per square meter, including numerous canals and bridges, 165 and 1,500 respectively, and more than 177 different nationalities living and sharing the same space, a fact which illustrates the extremely tolerant nature of its citizens.

Amsterdam-Eric-Vökel-hier-teekenenAmsterdam-Eric-Vökel-Urban-Door Amsterdam-Eric-Vökel-Tulipanes

Enjoying a city of these characteristics is a simple and very pleasant task, whether on foot, by bicycle, or by boat, enjoying every corner, gastronomic festival and theater, as well as museums such as the famous Rijksmuseum, The Museum of the Netherlands, located in a historical and palatial building, where visitors can contemplate the country’s most well-known paintings, Dutch School masterpieces such as Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” or “The Milkmaid” by Johannes Vermeer, among many others.

Amsterdam-Eric-Vökel-Rijksmuseum-2014-John-Lewis-Marshall Amsterdam-Eric-Vökel-La-ronda-de-noche-de-Rembrandt

The Van Gogh Museum is also a must-see, the extraordinary picture gallery that holds the largest and most important collection of works of art by the genius painter, with “The Potato Eaters”, “The Sunflowers”, and “The Sower” being among the main pieces.


Amsterdam is a unique city to visit with your family, your significant other, or your friends, a city, moreover, which will soon be home to the new Eric Vökel Amsterdam Suites.

Credits: Rijksmuseum , , Oficina de Turismo de Holanda

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