Eat in Barcelona: Bar Mut, Oscar-worthy cuisine

A city like Barcelona has absolute essentials—places that we simply can’t pass up the chance to visit, which are must-sees: museums, exhibits, architectural works, restaurants, or local businesses which, in one way or another, form part of our lives, whether for those discovering the city for the very first time or for those who reside in it and enjoy it day after day.

Without a doubt, one of these is Bar Mut.


Straddling two of the most popular neighborhoods of Barcelona—Gràcia and l´Eixample, the cradle of modernism—, we find this establishment which is considered one of the city’s vaunted culinary temples.

Many are those who have already been here and keep coming back for more, whereas others who have never set foot inside will delight in its essence and particular charm as embodied on its website, where an extraordinary short film introduces the restaurant. Great Spanish actors star in it, as they tell us their stories, secrets, and experiences, while seated around a table savoring Bar Mut’s signature dishes, together with the genius behind the restaurant, Kim Díaz, the soul and creator of a tapas bar that never ceases to delight.


With one of the most spectacular offerings on Barcelona’s culinary scene, Bar Mut offers dishes that cater—with flying colors—to the most discriminating tastes: from delicious tapas, among which the Homemade croquettes are in a class of their own, to the delectable Steak tartare, Ox rib-eye steak, Beef cubes with foie gras, Charcoal-grilled octopus, Broad beans with botifarra sausage, Fried egg carpaccio, and Fresh shrimps, among many other tempting options to choose from.

It’s hardly surprising then that the great Robert de Niro himself fell completely in love with it on one of his visits to Barcelona, going so far as to consider the possibility of opening a Bar Mut in New York.

Photography: Plateselector

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