Barraca Barceloneta Restaurant, open to the Mediterranean

Today, the spotlight is on Barraca Barceloneta. It’s not a newly opened restaurant, but its reputation—earned over three years of culinary excellence—is well worthy of mention, making it one of the best restaurants specializing in Mediterranean cuisine in the city of Barcelona.


Found in Sant Sebastià beach, in the neighborhood of Barceloneta, Barraca Barceloneta never ceases to delight. This unique culinary setting is the brainchild of Guido Weinberg—the mastermind behind Tribu Woki—a project encompassing a large group of organic supermarkets and 8 restaurants all over Barcelona, with a shared philosophy: to offer the best organic seasonal produce and local products.

Restaurante-Barraca-Barceloneta-Mesa-Maria-Algara-Regàs Restaurante-Barraca-Barceloneta-Cocina-Maria-Algara-Regàs Restaurante-Barraca-Barceloneta-Lienzo-Maria-Algara-Regàs

To create Barraca Barceloneta, Guido Weinberg joined forces with one of the best Catalan chefs, Xavier Pellicer, to design a distinctive space where the fresh catch of the day takes center stage in a truly remarkable environment. It is right on Passeig Marítim, which—despite being one of the busiest touristy areas in Barcelona—preserves and promotes a highly distinctive cuisine, for those who prefer to shy away from the tourist traps, serving only 100% Mediterranean food, authentic and renowned the world over.

Among the choices on the menu are delicious rice dishes—intended to be shared—, fresh catch of the day, and the highly popular tapas, one of the best examples of Mediterranean cuisine. An excellent selection of organic wines, with more than 40 different kinds, makes pairing a snap.

Restaurante-Barraca-Barceloneta-Paella-Maria-Algara-Regàs Restaurante-Barraca-Barceloneta-lienzo

This is a new business model that Tribu Woki operates with undeniable knowhow and experience, adding to the other restaurants in the group such as Céleri, Carmelitas Tapas, Barracuda and La Cuina del Moja, among others.

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Photography: Maria Algara Regàs

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